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the identity of the
Zodiac Killer, the meaning of the
Shugborough Inscription, and my new
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Beasts of Revelation and the
Enigmatic Number 666.

•  I infuse my novels with my love of cracking codes
and solving mysteries.

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•  I infuse my novels with my love of cracking codes
and solving mysteries.

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Latin version of
Adele's "Hello."

I love to sing and perform, and I hope you feel my
passion through my performances. I'm not sure how to
define my style. I guess it's a fusion of classical and
soft contemporary.

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Keith Massey, PhD is perhaps best known
for his proposed solutions to the
mysteries of the Zodiac Killer Ciphers, the
Shugborough Inscription, his
interpretation of the Number 666 in
Revelation, as well as his viral video Latin
language cover version of Adele's "Hello."