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A Place of Brightness,
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Magnalia Dei, where I
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I'm Keith Massey.

I'm an author and former
Intelligence Officer.

Please explore my novels. They are action-adventures set in
venues such as ancient Rome, mystical Romania, Spain, as well
as the National Security Agency (where I worked as an Arabic
linguist for four years after 9/11).

And I invite you to check out my non-fiction books, which
include resources for motivation and productivity, learning
Arabic, and prayer.

I'm a linguist and a Latin teacher.

I offer you here free resources to learn Spanish, Latin, Arabic,
and Romanian.

I'm a musician.

You can listen to all of my music for free through the music
videos on this site. If you like what you hear and would like to
support me as a musician, I invite you to stream my music or
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