Greetings to you! I'm Keith Massey.

I've always been intrigued by mysteries of the past.

In my latest book,
Praying Our Fathers: the Secret Mercies of
Ancestral Intercession
, I tell the story of how I uncovered
evidence of an
ancient prayer form now largely
. And I explain how you can practice it still today to
claim all the countless blessings God has in store for

I have my PhD in Biblical Hebrew and Semitic Studies from
the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My undergraduate
studies were in Latin and Classical Greek.

For four years after 9/11 I served as an Arabic linguist at the
National Security Agency. I was awarded the Global War on
Terrorism Civilian Service Medal for service performed in Iraq
in 2004. After I left the NSA, I became a Latin teacher at a
public high school.

In these pages I also offer you free resources for learning
languages. I'm the author of Intermediate Arabic for Dummies,
by Wiley Publishing. I also describe my fiction novels in these
pages. Thank you for your visit!
Keith Massey, PhD
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