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Noun Chart
Verbs for Mastery
Demonstrative Adjectives
Parsing Terms

Video Tutorials and Worksheets

Nominative Case
Accusative Case Part One: Direct Objects
Nominative and Accusative Case
[Nominative and Accusative Worksheet]

Dative Case Part One: Indirect Objects
[Dative Practice Worksheet]

Ablative Case Part One: Ablative with
Genitive Case
[Genitive and Dative Practice

Overview of Noun Declensions
1st Declension Nouns
2nd Declension Nouns
3rd Declension Nouns
4th Declension Nouns
5th Declension Nouns

Clauses in Latin
Grammatical Number
Persons of the Verb
Principal Parts of the Verb

Overview of Verb Conjugations
1st Conjugation Verbs
2nd Conjugation Verbs
3rd Conjugation Verbs
3rd IO Conjugation Verbs
4th Conjugation Verbs

Imperatives (Commands)
Present Tense
Imperfect Tense

Future Tense
[Future Tense Formation]
[Future Practice Worksheet]
[Future Practice Worksheet 2]
[Future Tense Formation Quiz]

Perfect Tense
[Imperfect and Perfect Tense Cloze

Pluperfect Tense
[Pluperfect Formation Worksheet]

Future Perfect Tense

Irregular Verbs: sum
Irregular Verbs: possum
Irregular Verbs: volo
Irregular Verbs: nolo
Irregular Verbs: eo
[Irregular Verb Translation Worksheet]

Noun Gender
Difficile est Constructions
[Difficile est Practice Worksheet]
[Difficile est Production Worksheet]

Relative Pronouns and Clauses: Part One
Relative Pronouns and Clauses: Part
[Demonstrative and Relative Practice
[Relative Pronoun Cloze Exercise]

Present Active Participles
[Present Active Participle Worksheet]

Perfect Passive Participles
Overview of the Passive Voice
[Passive and Active Practice Worksheet]

Overview of the Subjunctive Mood
[Subjunctive Translation Worksheet]
[Subjuntive Practice Worksheet]
[Subjunctive Practice Worksheet 2]

Indirect Statement
[Indirect Statement Practice Worksheet]

Overview of Gerundives and Gerunds
[Gerund/Gerundive Collection]
[Gerund/Gerundive Practice Worksheet]
[Gerund/Gerundive Practice Worksheet

Conditional Sentences
Latin Version of IF (ancillary to
Conditional Sentences)
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