Welcome!  Explore here my own music and my thoughts on music that has touched me deeply
and sustained me on my journey.
Wake up my Love: George Harrison
In this post I explore this beautiful and rousing song by George Harrison. Listen at
the end.

Cover Your Tracks: Storyhill
This captivating song by the duo Storyhill is a must listen.

The Lord Loves the One that Loves the Lord: George Harrison
The theology of George, plus an outstanding guitar solo. Listen at the end.

Don't Let me Wait too long: George Harrison
A review of this simply lovely song.

What Six George Harrison Songs Would You Take to Iraq?
Since I went there on deployment just prior to the iPod revolution, I faced and solved
for myself this quandary.

My original version of Veni Veni Emmanuel
I explain my arrangement of this beautiful son. Listen at the end.