My wife and I live in New Jersey, where we
are both teachers; I teach Latin, she teaches

I am an ordained deacon in the Eastern
Orthodox Church. In the link "Christian
Reflections" to the left you can see videos I
have made about biblical and theological
topics, as well as sermons I have delivered.

My wife and I summer in her native Romania,
where the people, terrain, and history
inspired me to write my novel series, which
follows the adventures of a
Romanian-American spy named Andrew
I'm Keith Massey, PhD.
I also draw upon my own unexpected
experience with the world of espionage. After
9/11 I spent four years as an Arabic linguist
with the National Security Agency. I go into
detail on my life story in my book,
Secrets: Lessons for Success From the
World Of Espionage.

I tell the story of how I became a spy at the
NSA for four years after 9/11. Along the way, I
share life lessons I learned while serving in
that cryptic and classified world, as well as
aspects of espionage that can help you
maximize your productivity to achieve your
definition of success.
I was born and raised on the blue-collar East
Side of Madison, Wisconsin.

I have my undergraduate degree in Latin and
Classical Greek from the University of
Wisconsin-Madison. I studied three
semesters of Biblical Hebrew before
graduation and went to a seminary in
Minnesota, where I earned a Masters in Old

I then returned to Madison, where I
eventually completed a PhD in Biblical
Hebrew, with a minor in Arabic.

After 9/11, I served for four years as an Arabic
linguist at the National Security Agency,
during which time I was awarded the Global
War on Terrorism Civilian Service Medal for
my service in Iraq.
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A Place of Brightness,
where I blog about
matters historic,
linguistic, and pretty
much everything else,
as well.

Magnalia Dei, where I
blog about matters
biblical, spiritual, and
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That time when my Outrageous
Shirt visited Rome!
Then it visited Athens!
Here it is in Jerusalem!
It found its way to Prague!
At Dracula's Castle in
In this book I share
lessons for from my own
story of how I became an
Intelligence Officer at the
National Security
Agency. I also show how
a knowledge of the
various disciplines within
the Intelligence
Community can help us
direct our efforts for
greater efficiency and

Top Secrets: Lessons
for Success from the
World of Espionage

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