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New Evidence for the Unity of Catullus 2 and 2B
Scholars argue whether these two pieces are one poem or two. I prove they're one
using a previously unobserved pattern in the first letters of the lines.

Singing the Latin Declensions!
In this post and video I offer an entertaining way to memorize the noun endings in

A Dialogue with Latin
How do you say things like Yes, No, and Good Morning in Latin? It's not clear.

Cheers! To your Health! Pro Sanitate Tua!
How did Romans toast to someone's health?

The Sator Square, Palindromes, and Fun with Words
Amor means love in Latin. And the word is Roma (Rome) backwards. The fun is just

Hello! Goodbye! Salve! Vale!
In this post and video I explain my translation of the Beatles' song Hello Goodbye
into Latin. Listen to the song!

Catullus 70: Jupiter? Really Lesbia?
The poet Catullus was so in love that he didn't realize his girlfriend was playing him.

A Typo in the Papal Resignation?
When it was originally released, Pope Benedict's resignation letter contained a typo
in the Latin original. Here's the story of how it played out and was eventually

Ab ovo
A discussion of an important Latin quote.
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