Welcome!  Explore my proposed solutions to a number of historical mysteries.
My research on this topic was featured in the Birmingham Post. In this post and
video I present a solution to a long standing epigraphical mystery.

The Name of the Zodiac Killer - Deciphered!
In this post and video I demonstrate that a prime suspect encoded his name in a
cipher sent to authorities.

The Number of the Beast - 666
In this post and video I prove that the Emperor Trajan was the original man
described by the enigmatic number.

How did Spartacus Really Die?
In this post and video I explore the ancient evidence for what actually happened to
this hero.

The Tartaria Tablets: A Mathematical Interpretation
In this post and video I decipher what is possibly the oldest example of human
writing and show that it encodes several numbers.

A Partial Decipherment of the Ezerovo Ring
Found in Bulgaria, I offer in this post and video what I believe is a convincing partial
decipherment of this sample of the Dacian language.

The Mystery Letters of the Quran
I'm the only modern researcher to have published a theory on the so-called "Mystery
Letters of the Quran."

The Tamam Shud Case
A body found on a beach in Australia. An enigmatic code message. I take a stab at it.

Capital Offenses
Buried deep in a cistern in Istanbul, curious sculptured heads are oddly positioned. I
offer a possible explanation.

King David: the Original Guitar Hero - the meaning of Selah
In this post and video I explain the origin and meaning of the Hebrew word "Selah."

On the Horns of a Philological Dilemma: The Horned Moses
Using Arabic, I provide a new interpretation of the so-called "Horns of Moses."

IN THE BEGINNING: Correcting an Ancient typo in the 2nd verse of the Bible
In this post and video I examine the phrase "Tohu-va-Bohu" and demonstrate that it
is an ancient typo for something that makes perfect sense in context.

Oldest Human Engraving?
Speculations on the possible oldest human engraving ever discovered.

The Last Days of Romulus Augustulus
I uncover evidence on how the final Roman Emperor in the West lived out his final