Latin Language Resources

Learn Latin Online! At the left,
you can click to explore a number
of resources I've created to help
students learn and enjoy Latin.

I have an extensive collection of
tutorial videos, complete with
accompanying worksheets.

I have a Latin language version
of my famous five phase program
for gaining a functional speaking
ability in a language, with MP3
files of me pronouncing all the
words and phrases.

I have a large selection of Latin
quotes worth memorizing, with
full references where known.

I have an ongoing project in
which I provide detailed
grammatical summaries of Pope
Francis' Latin messages on

Finally, I have Latin subtitled
versions of several Superman
cartoons, complete with full
script for further study.
Latin Music Videos!  

Click here to watch Latin
versions of Beatles
songs, as well as songs to
help you
learn the noun and
verb endings. There are also
music videos of Catullus 5,
Latin language hymns.
Learn Latin Online!
In addition to Intermediate Arabic for
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I offer you, as a free sample, Chapters 1
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A Place of Brightness is an espionage action
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In Saecula Saeculorum is a time travel
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Amor Vincit Omnia is an espionage
adventure set at the

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Next Stop: Spanish is an adventure in
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