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On the left, you can click to explore a number of
resources I've created to help students learn and enjoy

Tutorial Videos

I have an extensive collection of tutorial videos,
complete with accompanying worksheets.

Latin Songs

I have created a number of music videos of popular
songs translated into Latin, then sung and performed by

Conversational Latin

I have a Latin language version of my famous five phase
program for gaining a functional speaking ability in a
language, with MP3 files of me pronouncing all the
words and phrases.

Latin Quotes

I have a large selection of Latin quotes worth
memorizing, with full references where known.

National Latin Exam

I am creating tutorial videos to help students learn the
material on the National Latin Exam.

Latin Twitter

I have an ongoing project in which I provide detailed
grammatical summaries of Pope Francis' Latin
messages on Twitter.

Latin Superman Cartoons

Finally, I have Latin subtitled versions of several
Superman cartoons, complete with full script for further
Links to My Latin Resources
If you've studied Latin, check out
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In Saecula Saeculorum.

I don't know of any other
espionage-time travel thriller in
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As a former agent at the National
Security Agency, I know the Top
Secret World of Spies.

My expertise in that field and a
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Vincit Omnia: an Andrew Valquist

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Novels for Latin Enthusiasts