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On the left, you can click to explore a number of resources I've created to help students learn and
enjoy Latin.

Tutorial Videos

I have an extensive collection of tutorial videos, complete with accompanying worksheets.

Latin Songs

I have created a number of music videos of popular songs translated into Latin, then sung and
performed by me.

Conversational Latin

I have a Latin language version of my famous five phase program for gaining a functional speaking
ability in a language, with MP3 files of me pronouncing all the words and phrases.

Latin Quotes

I have a large selection of Latin quotes worth memorizing, with full references where known.

National Latin Exam

I am creating tutorial videos to help students learn the material on the National Latin Exam.

Latin Twitter

I have an ongoing project in which I provide detailed grammatical summaries of Pope Francis' Latin
messages on Twitter.

Latin Superman Cartoons

Finally, I have Latin subtitled versions of several Superman cartoons, complete with full script for
further study.
Links to My Latin Resources
I am humbled when I receive messages from Latin students and teachers who
found my songs or tutorial videos helpful.

I am always more than happy to send personalized Latin greetings to classes
via video. If you would like such a video, just contact me and tell me briefly
what message you would like.
An exciting espionage
adventure novel of
special interest to Latin

You love Latin. Now imagine
if a knowledge of Latin was
needed to save the world.

I'm a Latin teacher now, but I
was also once a spy at the
NSA, so this novel is as
authentic as the government
lets me share...
In the novel, In Saecula
Saeculorum, four young
people have been unwittingly
trained for a Top Secret
mission back in time to
ancient Rome.

They'll have to put their Latin
to work to save the world. But
can they also save each other?
In Saecula Saeculorum
is only:
$11.90 in Paperback
$1.99 in eBook