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of Wisconsin!
Made in Wisconsin
An introduction to this series of posts about why Wisconsin is so awesome.

Made in Wisconsin: the World's Best Cheese!
Why is Wisconsin Cheese so good?

Made in Wisconsin: Frank Lloyd Wright
This famous architect was both more there (like me!) but also left much of his best
work there, which I describe.

Set in Wisconsin: Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Picket Fences, Step by Step, That
70's Show, and Young and the Restless!
Given our relatively small population, why are so many TV shows set in Wisconsin?

A drink from the bubbler, and other ways I know I'm from Wisconsin
Those of us from Wisconsin have some peculiar things in our dialect of English.

Go Badgers!
Reflections as the Wisconsin Badgers are once again in the Rose Bowl in 2013.

A Latin Version of 'On Wisconsin!'
Well someone had to do it!

Made in Wisconsin: One Horrible State Quarter
It is a sad combination of bad sterotypes and redundancy.
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