The Story of Extra Special
Sauce at McDonalds!
A Sven and Ole Joke, Fresh
from Wisconsin!
Can You Freeze and Reheat a
Big Mac?
English language Version of
me singing "Part of your
World" from The Little
Are You Not Entertained?

On this page I share comical videos, curious musical covers, tales of decipherment,
and other stories I hope you will enjoy.
We Arrive in Romania
The time four bears were in
my backyard. Warning, mild
The Story of the Norwegian
Sea Captain
The Saga of my Beard
The Story of My Beard
Happy 1st Birthday to my
The End of the Beard
The Gripping Tale of my first
200 game in bowling.
A Latin language version of
Adele's "Hello"
Finding the Holy Grail: Part 1
Finding the Holy Grail: Part 2
The Saga of the Smuggled
Inside the NSA
The Shugborough Inscription
The Tamam Shud Mystery
Ezerovo Ring
The Time I Won a Thousand
Dollar Prize in a Paper
Airplane Contest!