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My struggles with weight loss, successes and failures.

What Food did Adam and Eve Eat?
Not a literal Adam and Eve, but what did ancient humans eat for optimal health?

The Paleo Diet Works!
In this video I describe the principles behind the Paleo Diet.

A Land Following with Milk and ... Wine?
In this post and video I argue that Paleo purists are wrong that dairy and alcohol are
to be avoided at all costs.

A Recipe for Paleo Salmon Patties
Step by step description of how to make them!

The Paleo Diet: Take Magnesium for Better Sleep
In this post and video I show why a magnesium supplement will give you better
sleep and why we need to supplement.

The Tallest People in the World
The Plains Indians were the tallest people in the world in the 19th century, living on
a diet of primarily meat.

A Paleo Cartoon!
Two ladies are in a sauna. But the hottest thing is the diet advice one of them learns.

Paleo Ideas: Pork Loin and Roasted Vegetables
Simple but tasty!

Paleo French Fries!
Properly prepared, Sweet Potatoes will get you past that craving.

Ancient Wisdom (Teeth)
The reason our wisdom teeth cause problems is because we are eating wrong!

The Versatility of the Paleo Diet
There's something here for everyone!

Paleo Shrimp Dinner!
Follow the recipe to a fantastic meal!

Paleo Breakfast Ideas
What to eat "The Morning After..."

Paleo Ideas: Goulash!
I'm the only modern researcher to have published a theory on the so-called "Mystery
Letters of the Quran."

Paleo Shrimp Curry
A curry variation on the theme.

Paleo Taco Salad!
Make a run for the border, Paleo Style!

In Search of the Perfect Roasted Almond
Follow these steps to an amazing relatively low-carb treat!

Scrambled Quail Eggs
An interesting experience.

Paleo Christmas Beef Hash!
What to do with meat leftovers.

Paleo Detox
If you splurge on the holidays, advice for coming back to the plan.

Paleo Chili
A fast and easy recipe to Paleo style chili.

In need of Paleo comfort food
When you're stressed out, don't bend, splurge Pale style.

Paleo Does Paris
How to do Paleo on vacation.

You know you're Paleo if...
You've got a wishbone collection.
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