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Viva La Difference!
A collection and discussion of humorous bathroom signs I have seen around the

Adventures in Sleeping
My experiences with lucid dreaming are a blessing and a curse.

My First 200 Game in Bowling
After years of bowling, could today finally be the day?

c/Communist - C/communism? What's right?
In this post I outline the rules for when to capitalize these and when to not.

Sun and Moon and American Stars
What do Lady Gaga, the goddess Artemis, and the Blessed Virgin Mary have in

I Need my Eight Hours
A tribute to the labor movement that gave us the eight hour work day.

Going Down to the Tavern
How the Latin word for "shop" became the word for restaurant in Greek and a
drinking establishment in English.

A Visit to Bethlehem
In this video I share the sights and sounds of our visit to Bethlehem.

Daylight Savings Time 2.0
What if we expanded the concept even further?

Who Owns Ancient Latin Hymns?
Apparently anyone rude enough to tell Youtube they're the owner. Here's the story of
my fight against copyright claims gone amuck.

The Beautiful City of Prague
Here's the video journal of our trip to this lovely city.

The Tabula Peutingeriana
The ancient Romans made road maps for safe travels through the Empire!

The Bibliotheca Ulpia
The Emperor Trajan built a fantastic library. What if it would later save the world?

Sigillaria and Saturnalia
What were these little clay figurines the Romans gave as gifts once a year?

Commodus: Yet Another Depraved Emperor of Rome
An examination of how the era of the Five Good Emperors came to a sad and tragic
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