Each phase of the method includes phrases and important vocabulary of increasing difficulty. MP3 files with a native speaker pronouncing the
Romanian are also included below.

The words and phrases are presented with English followed by Romanian in italics:

Please                                Thank you
Vă rog                                Mulţumesc

You're welcome                Excuse me
cu plăcere                        Scuzaţi-mă

Do you speak English?
Vorbiţi englezeşte?

I don't speak Romanian very well.
Eu nu vorbesc limba română foarte bine.
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Next Stop: Romanian -  PDF File

Phase One: Romanian - MP3

Phase Two: Romanian - MP3

Phase Three: Romanian - MP3

Phase Four: Romanian - MP3

Phase Five: Romanian - MP3
Learn Romanian!

Here are the five phases of my free program for learning the Romanian

I starting learning Romanian in 2004, when I met my Romanian-American wife. I have spent more than a year of combined time in Romania
since then. Learning the language has enriched that time considerably.